Radford Relative TSR Programs
Supporting relative total shareholder return programs from design
to payout

Radford is the premier destination for creating, valuing and managing Relative TSR programs. Our unparalleled market research, along with deep design and compliance expertise, allows Radford to provide cutting-edge Relative TSR solutions unmatched in the industry.

Relative TSR Services

Relative TSR programs continue to gain in popularity among Fortune 1000 companies as a means to link superior performance to financial rewards. Radford has extensive experience assisting hundreds of companies with Relative TSR programs, including:

  • Plan design and pricings
  • Grant date valuations, and mark-to-market accounting for cash-settled awards
  • Real-time tracking of Relative TSR programs via Radford's proprietary web-based tool, PeerTracker

Plan Design

An effective TSR program should begin with thoughtful plan design, and Radford's tools and expertise provide assistance through every step of the design process, from choosing the best comparator group to determining appropriate payout curves to right-sizing awards values. ► Learn More

Market Research

Want to know more about Relative TSR practices at your competitors? Radford's comprehensive data-driven market research offers valuable insights into market-wide and industry-specific design trends, which will help to ensure your Relative TSR program remains competitive. ► Learn More

Monte Carlo Simulation (ASC 718 Valuation)

The vesting of Relative TSR awards is dependent on future market conditions; therefore, the valuation of these awards requires sophisticated modeling techniques. Radford's Monte Carlo Simulation valuation models can quickly and accurately value your Relative TSR program, whether you're using a Market Stock Unit, Index Outperformance or Percentile Rank plan. ► Learn More


Give your award holders a direct line-of-sight between performance and compensation through Radford's state-of-the-art PeerTracker – a web-based, desktop platform that tracks Relative TSR performance in real-time.
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Aon's bendystraw Videos

A Relative TSR program is only as effective as the communication surrounding it. Aon’s bendystraw video practice has broad experience crafting comprehensive communication materials, including customized, educational videos, that will motivate and incentivize award holders throughout the performance period.
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Aon's Global Relative TSR Survey

Aon continues to be committed to strengthening the linkage between pay for performance, and is focused on designing excellent RTSR plans with only the choicest data. Our global RTSR survey will focus on all regions, and will be a free add-on benefit for all of our existing clients. The annual survey will focus on specific design nuances that are not accessible through regulatory filings, and will highlight year over year trends.