About PeerTracker

PeerTracker is a product of the Equity Valuation Services practice at Aon Hewitt and Radford. It leverages the team’s extensive background in valuing, designing and supporting complex equity compensation instruments to provide relative TSR award holders with real-time information in a highly accessible and easy-to-understand format. PeerTracker takes the guess work out of relative TSR plans, saving time, reducing expense, and minimizing confusion about what it takes to drive peak performance results.

About Equity Valuation Services

The Equity Valuation Services practice at Aon Hewitt and Radford works with top HR and finance leaders at technology, life sciences and general industry companies to design, value and communicate equity awards and other complex compensation programs. With a team of valuation and actuarial professionals across the US and global markets, the practice provides a full suite of advisory services covering equity expensing, financial reporting assistance for ASC Topic 718 and IFRS2, relative TSR plan design, proxy advisor policy modeling, golden parachute calculations, sabbatical plan valuations and more.


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