Radford Global Life Sciences Survey

The market for life sciences sector talent is global. Your compensation survey should be, too. Whether you're a pre-commercial start-up or an established multi-national, you'll benefit from our unified survey platform and methodology spanning thousands of executive, scientific and business roles in 59 countries.

Unmatched Survey Scale

The Radford Global Life Sciences Survey provides HR and compensation professionals with access to rewards insights covering more companies, incumbents and countries on a single survey architecture than any other data provider. Today, our survey spans:



Participating Organizations
Executive, Scientific and Business Function Employees
Unique Jobs Surveyed
Countries with Reported Survey Results

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In-Depth Sector Expertise

Our team is exclusively focused on innovation-based companies operating in highly competitive markets for talent. Within the life sciences sector, our compensation survey database covers organizations in the following key industries:

  • Alternative Energy Fuels
  • Biotechnology (Commercial)
  • Biotechnology (Pre-Commercial)
  • Clinical Research Orgs.
  • Contract Manufacturing Orgs.
  • Diagnostics
  • Institutions & Foundations
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Pharma.
  • Other Life Sciences

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Thousands of Available Jobs

The Radford Global Life Sciences Survey provides granular compensation benchmarking information across 1,900 jobs in every business function, including:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Biological Sciences
  • Business Development
  • Business Planning/Strategy
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Customer Service/Support
  • Data Science/Bio Statistics
  • Facilities & Security
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Product Marketing
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Materials & Procurement
  • Quality Assurance/Regulatory

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Complete Compensation Intelligence

Our compensation surveys are designed to provide human resources decision-makers with the tools they need to set pay with confidence across every rewards element on a job-by-job basis. Key reporting elements available in all countries include:

  • Base Salary
  • Allowances (Cars, Housing, etc.)
  • Fixed Compensation
  • Actual Bonus Payouts
  • Target Bonus Percentage/Value
  • Total Cash Compensation
  • Annual/Ongoing Equity Value
  • Annual/Ongoing Equity Eligibility
  • New-Hire Equity Value
  • New-Hire Equity Eligibility
  • Equity Vehicle Mix
  • Total Direct Compensation

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Beyond Pay: Practices & Trends

In addition to compensation benchmarking, participation in the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey includes complimentary access to Radford's global Pay Practices and Workforce Trends reports (contingent upon regular submission of supplemental data). These reports include information on:

  • Salary Structure Policies
  • Bonus/Incentive Plan Types
  • Bonus Plan Eligibility
  • Bonus Plan Participation
  • Bonus Plan Funding/Governance
  • Equity Plan Types
  • Equity Plan Eligibility
  • Equity Receipt Rates
  • Merit/Overall Salary Budgets
  • Overall Turnover
  • Voluntary Turnover
  • Hiring Plans/Sentiment

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Partnering with Radford

  • Survey Pricing
    Fees for the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey vary based on your specific benchmarking goals. The most important factors impacting price are the number of countries where you operate, the number of countries where you plan to utilize data, and your overall employee headcount. Discounted pricing is available for multi-product packages (e.g., purchasing the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey and the Radford Global Sales Survey). Once we know more about these factors, our team can quickly deliver a cost-effective proposal to meet your needs. To request a price quote for your organization, please click here.
  • Survey Methodology
    The Radford Global Life Sciences Survey, along with all Radford survey products, leverages a unified global leveling and job architecture system. This approach, widely recognized as an industry best-practice for the technology and life sciences sectors, uses a career leveling model to assign all jobs into executive, management, professional and support cohorts that are consistent across all geographies. Each cohort has multiple levels within it to track employees from entry-level to mid-career to advanced positions. In fast-paced industries, global leveling provides the flexibility needed to meet market demands. With this structure as a foundation, we are also able to provide a single Job Code Catalogue covering in all countries where survey data is collected.
  • Survey Access and Support
    All subscriptions to the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey include 24/7 access to the Radford Network®, our online survey reporting environment. This puts survey results, input resources, and market insights in reach at all times for an unlimited number of company-employed staff. Additionally, all survey clients are assigned a dedicated Survey Consultant to support them during the survey input and data review process. This consultant remains your go-forward contact for training and custom reporting questions. Once you're a client, you'll also receive discounted pricing for events, complimentary invites/access to trends webcasts and updates on featured thought leadership.