Compensation Surveys

Radford surveys provide unmatched compensation intelligence for innovation-based companies. We make it possible to attract, engage and retain your top talent.

Radford Global Technology Survey

Gain access to unmatched global compensation intelligence on 5.4 million executive and broad-based incumbents in 82 countries across more than 1,800 companies.

Radford Global Sales Survey

Understand pay levels and incentive plan structures for nearly 625,000 sales incumbents in 86 countries across 1,200+ companies and multiple sales channels.

Radford Global Life Sciences Survey

Leverage data on 397,000 incumbents in 53 countries at 699 companies in the biotech, medical device, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and CRO industries.

Radford US Benefits Survey

Complete your next total rewards assessment with information on benefit plan design and competitive costing data across eight major US benefit categories.

Radford Pre-IPO/Venture-Backed Survey

Remove the guesswork from pre-IPO pay planning with cash and equity intelligence from the market's only source of fully unified private and public survey data.

Advanced Reporting Solutions

Compensation strategy, especially on a global scale, should not be set in a vacuum. To go beyond data, take advantage of Radford's complete suite of advanced reporting solutions.

The Radford Global Survey Platform:
Unmatched Market Intelligence

Radford's global survey platform – focused exclusively on the technology and life sciences sectors – provides clients with position-specific cash and equity compensation data for 6.3 million incumbents at 2,500 companies in 100 countries throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. With rigorous data validation standards, an emphasis on data integrity, online data access, and advanced reporting tools, it's no surprise that top technology and life sciences firms around the globe rely on Radford as their primary compensation resource.

Consulting: When More Help is Needed

Only Radford offers clients strategic thinking grounded in the industry's best market intelligence. Our integrated approach brings together data, analytics and consulting services to provide clients with comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions. To learn more, visit the compensation consulting section of our website.