Relative TSR Survey


Dear Survey Participants,

Welcome to Aon’s Global Survey on Relative Total Shareholder Return (RTSR) plans. For over 10 years, Aon’s research at has been the central repository for education with regard to RTSR plans. Aon continues to be committed to strengthening the linkage between pay for performance, and are focused on designing excellent RTSR plans with only the choicest data. For this reason, we have decided to expand our databases globally beyond what can be gleaned through public regulatory filings. We have opted for a self-reported questionnaire with professional review as the forum to expand our global databases.

Our global RTSR survey will focus on all regions, and will be self reported during the months of June and July. Our existing clients will already be included in our survey as a benefit of our partnership. For others participating in our survey, actuaries and design consultants will be reviewing all self-reported surveys in depth for validity and could be reaching out with questions during August.

  • Survey Opens - June 5th, 2018
  • Survey Closes - August 3rd, 2018
  • Survey Compilation and Review - August 3rd, 2018 thru September 1st, 2018
    • (Actuaries may be corresponding with you to clarify responses)

We are excited to share the broad dataset with the public at the conclusion of this research study.

Jon Burg
Americas Practice Leader

Sian Halcrow
European Practice Leader

Aniruddha Masoorkar
Senior Consultant, Australia

Ronak Marolia
Senior Consultant, Southeast Asia